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The Sounds First Starter Pack Includes:

Sounds First Manual

The Teaching Manual

sf teaching manual cover.JPG

The Sounds First Manual is a PDF of instructions to teaching reading the Sounds First way.

Sounds First Card Deck

All 41 Sounds


The Sounds First Reading System card deck has all 41 sounds and recall words your student will need to read.

My Words Series

The Introduction to Sounds

wb a p1.JPG

My Words includes 41 books.  Each book is 24 pages long and focuses on one of the 41 sounds.  Each page includes one word and a picture. These books are designed to assist multiple ages in recognizing the sounds in words.  The words are primarily one syllable words. Having a picture assists new readers to recognize words; while they can also sound them out.  The books are intended for all age groups. They are primarily used when introducing the new sound, but can also be used for reinforcement for new readers.

Early Reader Series

First Grade Reading Level