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The Sounds First Starter Pack Includes:

Sounds First Manual

The Teaching Manual

sf teaching manual cover.JPG

The Sounds First Manual is a PDF of instructions to teaching reading the Sounds First way.

Sounds First Card Deck

All 41 Sounds


The Sounds First Reading System card deck has all 41 sounds and recall words your student will need to read.

My Words Series

The Introduction to Sounds

wb a p1.JPG

My Words includes 41 books.  Each book is 24 pages long and focuses on one of the 41 sounds.  Each page includes one word and a picture. These books are designed to assist multiple ages in recognizing the sounds in words.  The words are primarily one syllable words. Having a picture assists new readers to recognize words; while they can also sound them out.  The books are intended for all age groups. They are primarily used when introducing the new sound, but can also be used for reinforcement for new readers.

Early Reader Series

First Grade Reading Level


Early Reader includes 10 books.  This series is intended to serve as a ‘beginning reader’ that, while all are within an early 1st grade level, progress in difficulty as the series increases.  The first 4 books have 5 or fewer words with each picture. All of the words are 3 or fewer sounds. These allow for blending instruction and success. Stories are simple, with repetition of words. This reinforces the process of decoding by sounds and word recognition.  As the books progress, the number of words on the page and the number of sounds in the words increases.

Child Land Series

First Grade Reading Level

cl book 4.JPG

Child Land is a 7 book series.  Each page includes a drawing of children in the early part of the 20th century.  With each picture is a short paragraph relating to the picture. The reading level is at the 1st grade, but include more sounds in words. As the series progresses, there are also some multi-syllable words. 

The Potter Collection

First & Second Grade Reading Level


The Potter Collection includes 11 adaptations of the classic Beatrix Potter stories.  The books include her original illustrations and a simplified story, but the same plots.  These books are at a later 1st grade to early 2nd grade reading level.

Animal Children Series

Third Grade Reading Level


Animal Children is a series of 7 books adapted from a book by Edith Brown Kirkwood.  These include delightful illustrations of animals, some more well-known than others. Each illustration is followed by a paragraph that names the animal, while sharing some fanciful insight into the behavior, role or lore of the animal.  These are written at a 3rd grade level.

The Howe Reader

First Grade Reading Level


The Howe Reader is an adaptation from the 1908 primer, which was one of the early reading books published in the United States.  The book is at an upper 1st grade reading level. It includes primarily one syllable words with short sentences. Additionally there is repetition of words, names and story lines that support word recognition and comprehension.  This is also an opportunity for a child to become comfortable reading larger pages of text. There are 103 pages in the book.

The Jungle Baby

Third Grade Reading Level


The Jungle Baby is a 46 page book written at an upper 3rd grade level.  It focuses on a small boy who is led into the wilderness of India. Here too, there is a story that provides more depth for comprehension, and an adventure.  The decoding is primarily one and two syllable words but there are longer sentences.

Tales of Past Times

Third Grade Reading Level


Tales of Past Times includes 5 classic fairy tales written at a 3rd grade reading level.  The book is 52 pages long and includes colorful pictures. These stories provide a more advanced storyline with more complex sentences.    

Russian Picture Tales

Third Grade Reading Level


Russian Picture Tales includes 10 stories with wonderful drawings.  This books is an upper 3rd grade reading level. The stories include interactions between animals and people.  Story lines include patterns that support both reading decoding and comprehension. The book is 105 pages. 

Student Workbook for Groups

Worksheets for engaging a group of Sounds First students

sf tm 1.JPG

When an instructor is working with one student, the other students have something constructive to do while waiting. These worksheets are not necessary for one-on-one lessons, but can be helpful when working with multiple students at once because these worksheets reinforce learning and engage the students who are waiting for individual instruction.

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